Posting this picture takes a lot of courage. But, since my body has a lot to say I wanted to share my story and hopefully help and inspire others on similar journeys.

The picture on the left was taken in March 2020 and the one on the right only recently in December 2020.

Some may call it a “Lockdown” body transformation but for me this process has been about moving forwards and letting go.

IVF & weight gain.

Some, but not all, who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) experience weight gain. The several different hormones that we take, usually in an injectable form can cause this. Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. They send information from one area of the body to another. This means by altering a person’s hormones also affect how their body processes things. IVF may slow your metabolism and may cause food cravings that ultimately invites you to eat unusually fatty or sugary foods.

It all started during my very first IVF back in 2016, when I began with the daily dose of complicated cocktails of hormonal injections. As a personal trainer, fitness is a huge part of my identity and at first It was frustrating to feel my stamina fading and my muscle mass visibly decreasing. My body was different, so were my priorities. My body image was something that I could easily sacrifice. I would have done anything for a successful pregnancy and I believe I’ve done all I could in the past 5 years.

After heart breaking miscarriages and IVF procedures I knew that at some point I have to draw a line. At the beginning of last year 2020 I decided to move forward and I opened myself up to the possibility of a future I have never imagined before. My dream of motherhood is fading but my journey to a brighter and more promising future had began.

To let go of such an important part of my life, exercise helped me to get through the hard part both physically and mentally. I’m a big believer of consistency. Without it, progress can’t be made. Without it we are constantly taking two steps forward and one step back, getting caught up in an endless cycle of frustration. So I made a habit out of diet and exercise. I made a weekly plan for my workouts and I have stuck to it ever since.

What I do to get in shape:

  • 1 hour Online Pilates class with @antonia_pilates 4-5 times /week. These Pilates classes gave me results without feeling anxious that any movement of weakness would make me fall behind. My muscles are defined and my whole body is stronger. I feel a great sense of stability and have more stamina to complete any cardio workout. Thanks to Antonia I have my self-confidence, self-control and the ability to rise up to any challenge. If you’re interested in taking her classes visit her website:
  • I also demonstrate a lot of my own Strength & Cardio exercises each day to my clients, that increases my endurance, my cardiovascular capacity, and boosts my metabolism, therefore I burn more calories and burn fat faster.
  • I run 1-2 times/week 5km. (as a pleasure, I don’t time it)

My diet is mainly plant based and I have my meals (more or less) at the same time each day. With that, Luciana, @mywholisticlifecoaching helps a lot. Luci is an integrative health coach. If you’re interested to detox physically and mentally, get in touch with her, email:

To experience being infertile in a fertile world can be incredibly harsh, lonely and heart-breaking – I know. However this should not be something to feel ashamed of or to feel in any way unworthy.

For all of you fertility warriors, who are experiencing grief, anger, denial or acceptance, or those who feel discouraged and unmotivated from the journey you’ve had, let’s move again with confidence!

I would like to invite you to a 30 minute personal training session, where I will guide you to some powerful sequences to calm you, to support you and to make you feel positive, re-energised and complete again. You can book your first free complimentary session by clicking on the link bellow:

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Please, don’t get carried away or over-extend yourself. Set attainable goals that are reasonable for your current level of fitness. Sometimes actual progress is a game of small steps, but every little bit counts!