Fitness for Mums

My Fit-Nest Studio is a truly unique place where I offer Fitness for Mums. I invite you to bring your babies and/or toddlers along! It is a safe and homely environment for your little ones whilst you can train! I’m here to support you, help you to build strength, confidence and to feel more energised for life!

My sessions include power plate training for effective results and TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercises) suspension training for more functional strength exercises.

If you rather decide to work out  in the safety of your home, I have the right solution for you as well by offering online personal training sessions.

For almost a decade now, I have been helping mums strengthen their bodies safely and effectively back to their pre-baby shape or even stronger, leaner and fitter than they were before! All my sessions are 30 minutes long and are tailored to the individuals’ needs.

Using gentle, personalised, low impact post-natal Pilates-based exercises, my technique is a unique mix of challenge and care to make sure of every clients progress, not just physically but in all aspects of their life.

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Fitness for Mums | Fit-Nest Training

Pilates for Mums

My personal training sessions for mums contain Pilates movements. Here are the reasons why Pilates is a great means of Fitness for Mums.

It is possible to gain a strong and lean body without lifting heavy weights. Pilates is a non-load bearing exercise ideally suited to increase length, strength, mobility and flexibility.

Pilates is powerful, fun and challenging, but also detailed and precise focusing on the core muscles, suppleness of the spine and joint mobility and stability. It is a perfect form of rehabilitation after injury and a great way to return to shape after pregnancy. You will get into the best condition with flexible, toned and strong muscles whilst developing body awareness and control.

Please note, that my training sessions aren’t a substitute for medical care. In case of any medical condition, please consult your doctor before you start exercising! Please read my Liability Waiver carefully!

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