Judit suffered a serious injury to her left arm during lockdown in November 2020. She lost her balance on a ladder and fell 2 floors down from the attic.

Her left elbow was broken and the fracture has damaged not only the bones but other structures of the elbow resulting in problems with movement, blood vessel function, and nerve function. Judit was following her doctor’s medical advice to get the best possible result after the surgery.

With Judit we’ve known each other for years. She asked me if I could work closely with her physiotherapist and help to keep up as much of her training as possible. Being in lockdown I exercised with her only online and helped reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness and progressed with flexibility and passive/active range of movement in her elbow joint.

I was very impressed by her range of motion and what we have achieved in 9 months time. I’m very honoured and grateful that I could help with Judit’s healing process.

Side effects of these 9 month of training together includes:

  • weight loss
  • stronger body and stamina
  • better self esteem
  • increased endurance

Judit’s fantastic recovery have guided me to undertake more CPD. Now, as a qualified Exercise Referral Professional, I can work closely together with other health professionals creating special tailored exercise programmes for people with chronic illnesses. My aim is to help and improve health and well-being and to encourage more population to lead a more active lifestyle moving forwards.

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