A váll mobilitásról

What Causes Poor Shoulder Mobility?

"If you don't use it, you'll lose it". A very old but very true statement. We spend much of our day in a rounded forward position, we have no need to take our shoulders through a full (or overhead) range, so we lose the ability because we no…

Judit’s rehabilitation journey with online personal training.

Judit suffered a serious injury to her left arm during lockdown in November 2020. She lost her balance on a ladder and fell 2 floors down from the attic. Her left elbow was broken and the fracture has damaged not only the bones but other…

My honest body transformation story

Posting this picture takes a lot of courage. But, since my body has a lot to say I wanted to share my story and hopefully help and inspire others on similar journeys. The picture on the left was taken in March 2020 and the one on the right…

Fertility Warriors

Warm welcome to those of you who are experiencing infertility. IVF (In vitro fertilisation) is a miracle science that has given many people the families they dream of, but it doesn't work every time for everyone and the journey can be long and hard. Having hormones injected into your body many times can be physically demanding and mentally draining.
Fit-Nest Training | Studio in London, Wimbledon

Mums in the Nest

My Fit-Nest Studio is a truly unique place where I offer Fitness for Mums. I invite you to bring your babies and/or toddlers along! It is a safe and homely environment for your little ones whilst you can train! I'm here to support you, help you to build strength, confidence and to feel more energised for life!
Fit-Nest Training | Personal Training over 40

Beyond aging

Stay fit for a youthful life! Working out over 40 is very important. As we age, our growth hormone (GH) levels diminish and our bodily functions suffer.  It`s quite unbelievable how much we can influence our body in the opposite direction with working out! We can reactivate our tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, bone density development, skin thickness, energy level and metabolism. Through whole body-vibration training we can stimulate the creation of GH naturally. As a result we can get a re-generative hormonal response.