Fit-Nest training – The story

Hi, I’m Eszter,

the founder of Fit-Nest Training. Born in Budapest, shaped by London, I’m a professional fitness instructor since 2012 who is passionate about health and well-being. I have my Power Plate Studio in Wimbledon, London and I teach classes and offer personal training sessions online.  I believe fitness and exercising should be for everyone. So I always welcome everybody to my workouts regardless of their current ability.

My professional training

After finishing my Lev3 Personal Training studies in 2012, I specialised in Power Plate Training.

I first met with Power Plate training in Dulwich, South London, where I’ve become an expert of Whole Body Vibration Training. From my very first experience working out on the machine I knew Power Plate training was for me. I felt it in my muscles, I felt my blood circulation flow and it challenged my balance, strength and overall cardio fitness! Power Plates are well known around the world because they offer many benefits for fitness, health, anti-ageing, wellness, beauty, physiotherapy, hormonal balance and more.

I am continuously refining my skills and exploring new exercise methods. I love functional movements and I always keep intense focus on alignment. That brought me to my Pilates studies which is focusing more on awareness of movement which can increase vitality and improve flexibility, mobility, posture and balance.

With my Lev3 Exercise Referral Diploma, I help clients to manage chronic illnesses and conditions.

How can Fit-Nest Training help you

The workouts I design both online and on the Power Plates are effective and proven to promote strength, flexibility, mobility, fitness and weight loss. Based around Pilates and Cardio training they are created to challenge you. (After all, no goals are reached without a challenge!) They are varied and always fun, in order for you to feel accomplished, energised and have the desire to come back for more!

At Fit-Nest training I help you feel energized, explore your strength, achieve your goals and believe in yourself. Motivation is the biggest part of my teaching. Book your first session/class for free!